Cord blood is collected from the umbilical cord immediately after a baby’s birth, but generally before the placenta has been delivered. The moment of delivery is the only opportunity to harvest a newborn’s stem cells. There is absolutely no pain or risk to the mother or child during the collection process since the blood is taken from the cord once it has been clamped and cut. And collection is safe for both vaginal and cesarean deliveries.


To collect cord blood, a healthcare provider uses Collection Kit supplied by Bangkok Stem Cell, so advance arrangements will need to be made. Cord blood is drawn from the umbilical cord into the blood collection bag that comes in the kit. The mother’s blood will also be collected at this time, to be tested for certain infectious diseases required by regulations. Both the baby’s and mother’s blood are then packaged in collection kit provided. Our training personnel will pick-up and deliver your cord blood to Bangkok Stem Cell’s laboratory.