To store our client’s precious stem cells, Bangkok Stem Cell uses special, compartmentalized cryobag. These cryobag will contain 20ml of your sample and each sample will be stored under the technique called “controlled-rate freezing”, approval use for long-term storage. Then, cryobag is placed in liquid nitrogen dewars for cryogenic (frozen) preservation under the specific client registration number. Our storage conditions are closely monitored for security and temperature. Once the stem cells are stored, the parents, as the child’s guardians, have control over their use and disposal. Initially, no stem cell will be released by Bangkok Stem Cell without the parents’ consent. Once the child reaches legal age, however, control passes to him or her.

It is believed that stem cells can be successfully stored long term, perhaps decades, in a cryopreserved form, though sufficient years have not passed to prove the absolute length of time. However, a recent study of cord blood at Indiana University demonstrated its viability after 23.5 years of cryogenic storage. What’s more, bone marrow has been stored for decades and has remained viable-there is no reason to believe that the same would not be true of cord blood.

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