Within 6 hours of collection, the blood is processed, tested, separated and its stem cells cryogenically stored (frozen). But the process is by no means simple.

First, an affiliated laboratory will test the mother’s blood for syphilis, hepatitis, HTLV, HIV and CMV. This testing regimen determines the infectious disease status, and allows the cord blood to potentially be used for family use, not just autologous (self) use. In the event that any of the infectious disease screening tests are positive, confirmatory tests will be automatically performed. The cost for initial screening tests is included in your enrollment fee. Should confirmatory testing be required it will be billed separately and will typically cost less than 1500 baht. Each cord blood sample is also tested to confirm the absence of microbiological contamination.


Then, Bangkok Stem Cell utilizes an automated AXP device with HES solution method to reduce the number of red blood cells, isolating the nucleated white blood cell fraction, which contains the stem cells. These cells are then mixed with DMSO, the cryoprotectant, and Dextran, and stored in a special, compartmentalized cryovials. Simply put, Bangkok Stem Cell uses a medically proven, scientifically advanced process to prepare your newborn’s stem cells for storage.

Note that human tissue (HLA) typing is not routinely performed at the time of processing, but would be necessary to confirm compatibility if the stem cells are being considered for use in treatment where the recipient is not the donor.