Currently, other than banking stem cell from cord blood and placenta, you now have the same opportunity to bank stem cells from your own adipose tissue. This service is called Adipose Saving. Adipose tissue or body fat has now hold unlimited supply of Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs); the most powerful of all cells. These stem cells have the ability to change into lots of different kinds of cells that may be able to treat diseases like diabetes, arthritis, cirrhosis, autoimmune diseases, inflammation diseases and neurological diseases. These cells create structural and connective tissue to replenish and heal injured organs.

Bangkok Stem Cell is Thailand’s largest and most experienced Mesenchymal Stem Cell bank. For years, we have led the industry in technical innovations. Bangkok Stem Cell was the first bank to offer families with adipose tissue banking (fat), other than routine cord blood banking. We has developed the technology, expertise and care, to keep your stem cells safe, healthy, and ready should they ever be needed. We take extra steps to give you extra confidence by verifies the quantity and quality of your mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) before placing them into long-term storage.