AXP AutoXpress™ Platform

AXP™ System is a fully automated, programmable cell separation and recovery system, utilizing microprocessors and flow controlled optical sensors. The AXP System requires no manual processing and is designed to reduce human error and deliver consistent, reproducible results.


AXP directs cord blood components (buffy coat, plasma, red blood cells) into separate sterile bags. The buffy coat volume is captured in a freezing bag which is ideal for cryopreservation and use in transplantation. Accurate and reproducible spin speeds, acceleration and G forces ensures accurate processing without damage to the cells.

• Automated, closed system
• Precise cell separation
• Fast, high-volume processing
• Consistently high stem cell recoveries (97% stem cell recovery)
• Sterile in-line environment (Contamination free)
• Hand-free operation
• Quick, accurate data tracking
• FDA approved reliable, fast, automated cord blood processing machine.


The innovative AutoXpress™(AXP™) system defines a new processing standard for isolating and retrieving stem cells from umbilical cord blood units. It’s an automated, fully closed, sterile system that volume-reduces cord blood to a user-defined volume in 30 minutes, while retaining over 97% of the mononuclear cells (MNC). Self-powered and microprocessor-controlled, the AutoXpress™ System contains flow control optical sensors that enables precise buffy coat harvesting.


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