Chromosomal Analysis

In addition to stem cell banking, you now have the opportunity to know the chromosome of your child through service Chromosomal Analysis. Normally, Chromosomal analysis is advised for mother above 35 years of age to do amniocentesis procedure for diagnosing her child’s genetic normality. Chromosomal analysis is a test that evaluates the number and structure of a person’s chromosome in order to detect
abnormalities. Humans have 46 chromosomes, present as 23 pairs. Twenty-two pairs are found in both sexes (autosomes), and one pair is present as either XY (in males) or XX (in females). Abnormal chromosomal analysis includes both numerical and structural changes. For numerical changes, anything other than a complete set of 46 chromosomes represents a change in the amount of genetic material present and can cause health and development problems. For structural changes, the significance of the problems and their severity depends upon the chromosome that is altered.


Bangkok Stem Cell has implemented testing on chromosomal analysis for every client’s stem cells. This is to affirm, not only on the phenotype, but the genotype on the health of your stem cells prior cryopreservation.


For More Info:   Chromosomal Analysis Report.