Cryogenic Vapor Shipper

Bangkok Stem Cell provides client with Cryogenic Vapour Shipper for stem cell transfer outbound of Thailand. This cryogenic vapour shipper is designed for the safe transportation of stem cells at cryogenic (-190°C) temperature. It does not hold any liquid-form nitrogen as it has an absorbent wicking material that can charge with liquid nitrogen, thus providing constant cryogenic temperature (-190 °C) for 14 days in vapour shipping. This technology of dry, spill-free vapour-phase shipping is implemented to keep your stem cells safe, healthy, and ready for your physician use. Cryogenic Vapour Shipper ships your stem cells with a “non-hazardous” classification throughout the world, thus reducing costs and helping to assure sample viability.


• Dry, spill-free vapour-phase shipping
• Maintain constant cryogenic temperature for 14 days.
• Protective shipping carton to ensure upright shipping
• Uses advanced chemical vacuum retention system
• Uses hydrophobic liquid nitrogen absorbent system
• Convenient lightweight package for sample transfer
• Ready for transportation in 24 hours.