Value of Placenta Stem Cell

Placenta Stem Cell is known as placental-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells. Mesenchymal Stem Cells have changed many therapeutic options in the world of medicine. Doctors and researchers have found that this type of stem cells is more durable, easy to extract, genetic stable and, most important of all, the potential to transform into all types of tissue found in the body. That’s mean doctor can use MSCs to cure diabetes type I and II, instead of just controlling your blood glucose through life-taking medicine. In the field of regenerative medicine, MSCs can improve the conditions of renal failure, cirrhosis, osteoporosis, and ischemic heart disease. Unlike cord blood stem cells that usually have the problem with inadequate supply, MSCs have the potential of multiplication without genetic mutation. Thus, MSCs can be saved for multiple usages for your family future health.

 Advantages of storing placenta

 Placenta (cord tissue) is easily collected after delivery, thus poses neither risk nor pain during the collection.
 Placenta contains mesenchymal stem cells, the most powerful of all cells. These cells have self-renewal, proliferation, and differentiation properties toward various tissues such as nerve cell, cardio-myocyte, osteocyte, pancreatic cell and etc.
 Placenta has proven to be the best source for MSCs. The youngest and purest form of MSCs.
 One’s own mesenchymal stem cells have a high rate of engraftment, no HLA mismatches, and no incidence of rejection.
 Banked stem cells today will be readily accessible, allowing treatment to begin earlier if required, with no time wasted in the search and matching process required for publicly banked stem cells.
 There is no surplus cost to retrieve your stored stem cells if they are needed for transplant.
 Lastly, with Bangkok Stem Cell’s patented technology, there will always be an unlimited supply of your own stem cells to reassure your needs.